You Are Unique !

It doesn’t matter who you are or where you’re from, God made no mistakes. God’s art of creation is as magnificent as we can look throughout the world, deep into the contents of God’s art, and as far beyond the world and see. Evaluate yourself without comparison, only you, your taste, your talents and hobbies, what you find easy to be good at. Be self loving, appreciate your uniqueness, that is, what you have different from others, and then it will be easier to appreciate others being unique. Differences should not become reasons or purpose to a cause to classify as enemies, people who sort that way may sense a bad presence and may have already built discretions from many bad experiences. Shame it happened too, making this hard to understand. However, for even in being unique we find that common thread that somehow connect with others. Go on and have that special relationship with oneself. Prove beyond any doubt, and sure enough, that having the ability to be selfless at times may rob you of nothing.

Author: Cosima

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