You Are Never Alone

You don’t have to feel alone,
you are never really on your own
When everyone push’s you away,
for whatever reason they all say
God is watching and listening, so he knows
God is everywhere and anywhere you go
There’s no place in his creation he can not be,
so don’t doubt his presence because you can’t see
Turn your focus  through your heart and mind,
that’s the only way to find
that the Father of all Fathers
are with his children all the time

You are never alone, even when you’re doing wrong
Thank him for the moment you felt a miracle had come
cause the way it happened, you know he had to be the one
Speak to him, ask whatever you need to know
in time and a certain way, the answer he will show
Cry your tears to him, he already knows the reason why
He may allow you to release only, the tears you need to cry
Though our decisions may cause hurt, leaving things so bad,
we have the power of choice, God has given us that
Share your thoughts, he can help sort it out,
don’t be particular, doesn’t matter what it’s about
I know it’s hard to believe, God is always with you
and how God always know every simple thing we all do
Though it seems you’re on your own, you are never alone

Author: Cosima

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