With The Strength Of My Own Faith

I’m up and ready, taking a joy full my way.
Greeting everyone with what will shine light in their face.
That’s what people need,
so I aim to start with me.
All I aim to see is grace,
using strength of my own faith.
If all you see is a smile,
take it with you on your way.
Think of it as a hug from me,
or just my delicate embrace.

Don’t know how far this grace will be shared,
it’s hidden deep in some people,  unaware.
Even to those who don’t care,
but wasn’t expecting it to be shared.
Their expression may first be shock,
but embarrassed grace is not.
It won’t let my eyes notice a frown,
so grace shared is never let down.
Happiness will pave it’s own way,
as if it knows where it needs be placed.

I believe the light fades out the darkness,
just as laughter can fade away sadness.
Good gestures can suffocate feeling forgotten,
like faith can free us of doubtfulness.
Peace moves from people through people,
as does grace in the strength of faith.
The Holy Spirit does not turn its back to people,
so don’t go thinking it’s somewhere far away.

Author: Cosima

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