With Love

When life changes, no longer just you,
it may be three or two.
Even rearranges, adjusting to differences,
than what you’re used to,
and for feeling natural to what you’re a
part of, only takes a lot of real love.
Time to discover the depth of love in you.
When life changes, and you were the first,
now you’re last.
Priorities shift around, what was up is
now down so fast,
and it gets harder to remember how you
had it in the past.
Can’t you only see that you are happy?
A brand new sunshine rises to be.
It’s not only all over the place,
it’s coming right out of your face.
So good when life changes to be so bright.
Things are feeling so naturally right.
No insecurities are blocking the light.
You know this all had to happen with love.
With love things seems effortless,
while love allows you to do your best.
With love you’d never fail a test.
You are blessed because love is blessed.
So when life changes make the change with love.

Author: Cosima

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