Winds of Atmosphere

Winds I’d ride with you to see
through the way you move through.
Because sometimes I shatter against
the windows of life.
Sometimes I’m calm, easily moving
through the night.
Sometimes life’s hard, I push and move
as you push through the trees.
Sometimes I’m comforted feeling you
all over me.
Winds, I can feel your energy even
as I breathe.
Inhaling, exhaling, I can hear you sound
so much like me.
Though you’re greatness around the world
makes minute the portion of what I need.
Winds, just like you I love the feeling
of being free.

So delicate are the winds around the world
that keep us fed with the breath of life.
Is everyone truly wise enough to be aware
how many ways our atmosphere is in our care?

Author: Cosima

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