Will He Ever Notice Me

The man I love, if he would just notice me.
One simple glance into my eyes would give him
a chance to see.

He’ll notice my heart warms up at the very sight of him.
From the expression in my face he’d see I feel for him.
I wonder if I’m right for him, is that’s why he’s blind to me.

The man I love, if he would just turn my way,
and look into my face, he may be forced to have
something to say.

Seeing the sparkle in my eyes, he may just slip and blush.
He may move toward me close enough, I’d sense his powerful touch.
How can I know I’m right for him, until I’m in the sight of him.
The man I love, the man I’m thinking of,
will he ever notice me.

Author: Cosima

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