Why Should I Believe This?

I may have met you a long time ago,
and just wasn’t smart enough to know
it was you, you for me
Not every perfect match is made on time,
relations tighten and unwind until it’s true,
this one is for you

Did we miss something before, when we crossed paths
Was something in the way not meant to last
Distracted and too busy in the right place and time
Did we miss it then, connecting our lives
Have you ever felt something may have gone wrong
Is it the choices we made that prolonged
or is everything truly how it’s supposed to be
then why should I believe this?

It’s easy to leave it all behind me,
going forward knowing it was not to be
and the thought of it, maybe it was in another life
Are the choices that we make
the reason we make mistakes
and since none of us are perfect
do we just adjust to what we take
and why should I believe this?

Author: Cosima

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