Where Are You?

Where are you,
the only one fit for me.
Where are you,
I desire your capacity.
My thoughts soar like a bird.
I seek the sounds I’ve never heard,
feelings to be guided like the wind,
from whatever direction you’ll begin.

Where are you,
The one to be my destiny.
Where are you,
Let your sunshine find me.
Don’t stay long where I’m not,
we don’t know how much time we’ve got.
You will know when you’re close to me,
your heart won’t be able to leave.

There will only be two,
there will only be me and you,
and no one can intervene,
no one can interrupt our scene.
I’m ready for the inevitable ,
that was meant for our two souls.
Ready to do what I must do,
but where, dear love, are you?

Author: Cosima

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