What’s a High but a Habit

Remember when you were kids? Did it take a drink to make you happy to go out and play? Didn’t you choke on smoke? What would it cost you to stop? Of course you can wait until your heart breaks and need help beating. Although that heart of your’s gave you many warnings. Didn’t it tell you one day “hey friend, you’re wearing me out”, and then one day, OK!!! now, I’m tired of all this overindulgence, and I really just want to stop and kick you to the curb to relieve myself from all the hard work you keep giving me. Or maybe you can’t stop smoking until the breath of life finds it difficult to enter your body. So does the brain when it indulges with drugs, it speaks.  It passes on warnings. The body has its limits, and it does want to survive.  We all know it wears down and goes back to the dust once it has freed the soul. We really do have to work hard at keeping it, whose going to take care of it better than self?  Is to be human so stubborn? Maybe if we could consider our childhood days,  we can remember how empty our thoughts were of such detrimental needs, and how we were still having fun, enjoying life. Smoke, Drinks, Drugs: wouldn’t it be nice, if everybody just stopped to find that purity away from such substances. We once had challenges to make dreams come true, successes, and a natural affection of joy and happiness without it, and it has been waiting to surface and be embraced again in many lives.

Author: Cosima

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