What We Feel Through Each Others Eyes

Our eyes affixed together,
neither of us could look away.
Everyone could see it happening,
and had nothing to say.
I can’t say I don’t want him.
Too long ago, I was touched like that.
I don’t even know why it’s him.
I’ve  never felt before, out of control of that.
I want to touch him, I want to hold him close
and after that, I may not want to let him go.
It feels so good to me, a desire so alive,
we’re able to feel, through each others eyes.

Feeling a lack of control,
and having this in common,
in the lack of what we know,
beyond he’s man and I’m woman.
He can’t say he doesn’t want me,
his magnetism keeping us both bound.
There’s a fire burning between us, almost seen,
burning sensations we don’t even want to put out.
I know he wants to touch me, I know he’ll hold me close,
and after that, he may never want to let me go.
this desire won’t keep still, it’s like passion on a rise,
exciting, what we can feel through each others eyes.

Author: Cosima

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