What Is He Waiting For

There goes that image of the man
I must admit I wonder why I stare, and
is he just another man who knows about women
another heartbreaker who never truly gives in
what is he waiting for

He’s attractive in his own way, I can see
a kind of man I just never can win
they always come short of caring it seems
wish I could see that before meeting him

Often he’s more than the man he shows
without thinking, he’s simply a natural
the simplicity most women always adore
but, what is he waiting for

A man once told me, it just wasn’t on his mind
to commit to a woman just wasn’t that time
there’s a special moment, that happens in a mans life
he decides to settle down and his woman at that time
is likely the one to become his wife
but still, what is he waiting for

Author: Cosima

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