What is happening to our world?

world in our handsCould we be summoning our own destruction?  We have bled on earth too much, disrespected her values and shown all the surrounding and indulging elements that we’ve forgotten how to embrace the gift of life.  Thank God the scale of balance has not yet overpowered its weight on the negative side.  Our love for life and our appreciation for the living is diminishing into worthlessness in too many ways around the world. Money too often rules us. (and, well I’m sure though many don’t read the bible we’ve all heard the warning about that: for the love of money is the root of ALL evil-I Timothy 6:10).  I can’t help but wonder with all the signs and warnings, if the majority, the multitude of people around the world who kill so easily, cheat, still, and lie, gave this precious gift of life any priority and respect over their need for control of wealth, and war, would it still be too late. Seems we are all connected, to the elements  that have gathered to answer to all this negativity.  Though destruction is said to be predestined we still have a choice to try and live in happiness and peace, for the joy of life sake. And does the living matter that surrounds us and works through us answer with responses we can’t control?  Like weather-tornado’s, hurricanes, earthquakes, tsunami’s, mud-slides, fires, plane crashes, sink holes, unbalanced seasons of weather, is it beyond our intellect? Could we be doing this to ourselves, not understanding how we are connected to a universe of elements with equations of formulas beyond our technology, leaving us incapable of connecting the dots?   If she (mother earth) should decide she needs a tune up, an oil change, and some body work, it may appear as if we’re just falling off her  plate.

Author: Cosima

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