What If ?

What if all communications of the cursing art of speaking, that negative thing too many of us do in our norm and our weaknesses, that thing they call the devils language, was forbidden and stripped from being spoken?  On land lines, cell phones, business phones, movies, games, and every other telecommunication form, when people curse, or use profanity, you hear a buzz instead.  Calls coming in and calls going out, all buzz instead of allowing profanity to make its transition, especially from angry people.  Children will have to be handled differently but with restrictions of course, for using such language in schools, by school officials with parent meetings. Computer communications blockage (can’t type it in, speak it in, and can’t transfer from something else), would be another prevention code.  Do you think it might dilute the negative forces that we possibly feed on by communicating?  I mean, think about it a moment.  If the satellite was fixed to block out all cursing with a buzz, and other codes for computers, and the only way we would hear it is face to face, I believe we would begin to see this language as dark as it is, by less activity when active, it would stand out as bold as it is the more.  This could very well weaken the shortness of bad attitude and build higher and better tolerance levels, because it would be like less junk (thought and emotional) food working in the systems of so many perceptions. It is definitely a tempter of negative actions.  Communications need not be of a lower class for people to address any issues. The world did climb up this dark latter you know, from no publicized performed profanity to the moment we gave birth to the popularity of cursing, a miraculous presence.  Before then, it was on the streets, in some family homes, and not so much, but it was careful to be spoken in the public.  Look at us now.

PS:  Parents, please stop cursing at your children.  Believe it or not, the pain of your harsh anger is enough to signal how determined you are to make them mind your words of warnings.  They won’t only be learning discipline, they will be learning how to express it.


Author: Cosima

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