What If You Got A Zillion $?

Would you try to make the world better?
How much would you do from this letter?
First cut the strings of seemingly endless
debts always coming after your money.
Would you need to isolate yourself from
the unsettling people keeping you jumpy?
Then learn the safest legitimate methods
to help you to avoid tax invasions,
and barricade against the many attempts
of those cleverly finagling engagements?
Study and research operations of different
success and failures of the past,
to ease the pressure not knowing enough
to avoid signing what won’t last.
Most entrepreneurs take a risk like it’s
the nature of the word’s profession.
Loosing too much money though can be a
cold-hearted energy draining lesson.
Don’t think somebody’s not clever enough
to try and suck up your whole zillion.
Heard stories professionals that many had
trusted robbed them of some millions.
With an artistically twisted knowledgeable
tongue the encouragement was easily taken,
while trust had no track record of proof of
doubt to fear you might be mistaken.
The many sneaky avenues some law masters
know how to keep you fastened to their fix,
That by the time you’ve figured out your lost,
they’re still too clever and too rich.
Maybe build ladders for those you love and
care about to help them reach their goals,
in protective ways that won’t cause things
to shatter in the desperation they hold.
Or what can a zillion do for a community,
how will politicians try and hold you back,
putting money in the neighborhood you grew
up in, giving the next generation some slack.
Will you try and help New Orleans, Puerto Rico
or some other places that had disasters?
That hey can smile at the newness from the
work you’ve done some many decades after.
Oh yes, a zillion will keep you very busy,
Lots of money could even run you out of town.
Hard for some people to accept you as normal
knowing about the money you got now.
Think about celebrities, probably like them
you’d always be under a magnifying glass.
Following your money can keep you in the
spotlight as long as your money will last.
Rich, famous, wealthy, healthy, and even poor
most people want comfort and happiness the more.
If you get a zillion, God bless your journey,
because success can happen being right with money.

Author: Cosima

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