What Happened To The Love For A Love Song?

I grew up loving to feel songs I’d hear.
Some of which, I enjoyed to the tears.
Their words touched me in reality,
even though the songs were not about me.
The feelings I’d get, was so genuine,
though experiences were not like mine.
I loved to sing the words along,
to any male or female love song.
Very many of my friends still do,
but I’ve met many opposes, is that you?
Is it that you feel empty of such a love,
ever being actively happening to you?
Can a love song be that depressing,
that hearing the need really haunts you?
Does it really sadden your heart,
when a love songs express true love?
Or are you jealous in some kind of way,
having been hurt by the love it’s speaking of?
Are you sad when you listen to a love song?
In this era of time, how can love be wrong?
Many don’t even notice the rejection they repel?
No more time for slow dancing, the love song is not real.
Is it just that love hasn’t happened for so very long?
What’s really happening to the love for a love song?

Author: Cosima

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