Wake Me Up

Wake me up, from my dream,
I’m smiling but I can’t see,
what I’m smiling at,
but it was good, I bet

Want to rise
and get on my feet
though I’m trying
sweetness won’t leave
and I’m not woke yet
the dream was too good, I bet

I’m all warm inside
got a smile I can’t hide
and no memories
Wish I could remember the dream
Can’t let go of how I feel,
my eyes are almost open,
want to take this all with me,
and I’m really not joking.
It’s all just a feeling,
something rare and appealing,
and it feel so good,
keep it all day if I could.
There are few moments in life,
when my energy is full of spice,
who wouldn’t want to keep it,
who wouldn’t try and seek it.

This energy is flowing
sparks of fire through me.
My mind filled with excitement,
I’m flying high and mighty.

Creeping out of my dream,
almost opening my eyes to see,
and whatever it was,
it hasn’t let go of me.

Take me with you is what it did
Take me with you is what it is
Take me with you I’m not alone
Take me with you I’m your own
Wake me up

Author: Cosima

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