His eyes followed my soul,
I couldn’t move away from them.
His calm wore an armor of control,
I could feel came from deep within.
As I almost looked away, something
happened I didn’t imagine or expect.
A tiny lightning rod flew from his eye
into mine piercingly with a numb affect.
It continued to carry thoughts to me
I couldn’t shake my mind away from,
imagining thoughts I couldn’t believe,
and could never, ever be done.
Not wanting my thoughts running wild,
I asked God to give me some time,
and show me later what it meant
to avoid any confusion in my mind.
Later it did come back to me and
far beyond all expectations.
A sign was delivered to allow me
to see through many variations.
I saw a huge wall of metal with
highly bright lights shining through.
I saw the wall as over-protecting
one of the strongest hearts I knew.
Once damaged, hiding and covered well,
protecting what is valuable to many.
A powerful and gifted heart God gave him
was being freed to prepare for plenty.
I saw the metal wall with holes melting away
as the inner light came pushing through
was a piercing light filled with wisdom
and unconditional love God exposed me to.
At last what he held captive in his cage
had to come forth for good reasons,
and has been prepared for the days to come
in future years, through the seasons.
Our father in heaven knows when to
heal us, preparing us for what’s ahead,
though we feel we’ve walked coals of fire
beating ourselves down, we’ve been learning

Peace & Grace People

Author: Cosima

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