Unfinished Love

We were so young, when teen love was fun
There was no need to worry, No need to hurry.
You used to mesmerize me like it was meant to be.
I can remember how your eyes drew love from my heart,
Even with space between us, we didn’t feel apart.

This was all, a long time ago when I knew,
I had feelings, and such comfort with you.
We didn’t mind just spending time
cuddled in the silence of a room.

Somehow life put a reason between us
that then put a distance between our love.
Now that we’ve spent time apart in life,
to have loved again for us is no surprise.

We had to move on in our separate ways,
and just to hear that voice I remember, today.
We have so much experience now to share.
What we’ve seen and done and where.

Can’t shake the feeling of unfinished love
Can’t forget the innocence it was made of.

How could we ever be sure, about a love we can feel,
if two hearts divide before it’s proven to be real?
Real love don’t die, that’s the power it’s made of,
so I can’t help but feel an unfinished love.

Author: Cosima

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