Twenty Reasons

Twenty reasons why you can’t run,
why our connection won’t let you move on,
your love for me is the first one,
you’re taking a chance to the ruin.
Your other half is what I am,
I’ll never need another man,
very seldom do we disagree,
you often see the way I see,
we don’t argue when we can’t agree,
we accept differences in our needs,
cause I never tried to re-create you,
you accepted the me I am too,
no problems with finance, or romance,
we’re too pleased with our love dance,
you keep me sharp, I keep you witty,
you’re always telling me I’m pretty,
our love for God is no façade,
joyful givers are who we are,
you promised not to give up on us,
we’ve so many ways, sacrificed too much,
so there’s twenty reason why you can’t leave,
check the list and you’ll soon see,
twenty reasons why you can’t give up,
isn’t twenty good reasons good enough?

Author: Cosima

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