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A little revised since the first  write up:  It’s funny how you can write something, leave it alone for a long while, then come back and read it later, to see how bad or negative it was.  Sorry, if it may have been too cold and  harsh before.  I’ve changed some of that and the things I left out the first time were probably more important.   So, though  I had thought not to write about this, I’ve got to get it out of me, even though some may still not agree.  It is discomforting to imagine a man believing that when a woman says no, she means yes, when no can really mean no.  Not every woman understands that act, especially on the first date, or second, or even the third, I can’t be sure when she may be comfortable enough, but usually that happens with someone you’ve known a while.  So just because she may be attracted to him, and of course he could be picking up on that, she is definitely then responsive to his touch, and he can pick up on that, makes him resistant to the word no?  That means she must turn cold, evil, and dangerous to get her point across even though she may feel for him, because she’s attracted to him. How cruel is that, just getting to know someone,  to force her to go that direction, just because he won’t accept no for an answer?  The outcome can change the way both of them feel about one another.  She’s simply not ready yet to release all of herself.  Take a tender kiss and leave it at that,  or no kiss at all, it may be too soon for her mentally and emotionally much more than physically, because the body is alive and it does have its languages too.  She may prefer an even balance within herself.  Basically the teasing can turn too provocative and should never get too far to stop.

However, it is very important that I adjust this topic from the prior write up so that I include an important fact.  How the cycle of the women’s reproductive system can lock into a period of heat.  Sometimes she is not aware of her mood swings and different conducts of her temperance.  But some men know of this.  Example:  There was a scene in the movie “Gone With The Wind”  I remember, when Scarlet O’Hara was lifted off the floor by Clark Gable and taken too the bedroom after a continuous bickering which he seemed to suddenly interpret what to do to put her in her place, apparently it was by giving her what she needed.   (Though it was only a movie, this is also true about women in reality.)  So she kicked and shouted and tried to get away, asking him to put her down, but he didn’t.  He took her upstairs, into the bedroom, and slammed the door.  Next morning she woke up alone but very happy, smiling, excited, energetic and anxious to see him.  Unfortunately, he was ready then to exit her life, and of course this couple was married-in the movie.   Some men are aware and can read this need in their women when it happens, even when she can’t really see it herself.  In this case no did mean yes, in a very powerfully, experienced way.

Is it dangerous to be so  attractive?  Maybe, some men find that hard to resist, the good looking men too.  Some men won’t respect a woman who will give in to him too soon, yet women need to be careful believing it’s safe to be alone with this same man, in some cases then it’s too late, and she may have to turn into Mrs. Hyde on him, if he’s not trying to be a respectful gentleman to her.  I don’t even believe men share this side of them with other men, and most women don’t tell.  It is unfortunate that not many girls are strong enough to go that dark, cold and hard on a man, especially if she’s attracted to him.  Of course for every woman that may puzzle understanding the birds and bees life for them differently.  Men can be overprotective of their daughters, mothers, wives, and even close lady friends from other men?  Although that may be a natural sense of them, being men, it’s simply true. 

Woman are innocent of their feminine species, they are born to be desired by men. They are tender, sexy, mostly pretty and even beautiful in their own way,  built to be a pleasing sight in the eyes of men.  Even though some women are boyish, they used to call us “Tom Boys”, enjoying the wild, tough and a little roughness in life, it is hard to completely loose feminine.   Women are designed to even be submissive to men and sensitive to a man’s touch, just as I believe men are the opposite. The company of a man is extremely pleasurable to most women, more than he knows.  We all like our men around us.  We even enjoy our men friends.  Got one?  Keep him, he will remain one of the best of friends.

I believe, having some limits until sufficient time has been put in to get to know each other is valuable, and much more respectful, for both.  A lack of morals is impudent to the nature of love relations of human life.   A bad chain of experiences, damage morals and confuse to negative reactions to even determined to try and comprehend what keeps going wrong.  Because of that, sometimes the things that needed to happen right, but happened wrong can send you down a spiral of confused experiences. God bless those who understand the differences. 

There is no real Cinderella story though some experiences may come real close, and at least I haven’t heard of many happily ever after’s.  But it definitely takes some real sacrifice,  to endure trail and error, from both parties. Finding a mate that fits perfectly the you, you are, doesn’t happen for everyone, and maybe some for only a while. Who knows what realities forced them apart.  I am aware of this: marriage does have some real growing pains, for real, and I believe love has to be very powerful and much less conditional to endure time.  Give some people, man or woman, three or four years and they can come out of a shell on you.  A part of them you never knew was there. Love does have the power of adjustment, depending on what it is.  May God bless all couples that fight hard to endure being together for the long ride through life. 

Author: Cosima

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