Try A Little Something

Open up your heart,
it’s not badly flooded,
it’s not always very dry,
it was made by the hands of God
but you need to open it to find out why.

Open up your mind,
it’s not to turn against you,
it’s neither afraid to grow,
it was created in God’s plan too,
but it must be opened for all there is to know.

To be human is a magnificent thing.
Wrap your eyes around the world and see.
All the creative people with their own design,
awaiting the portion God blessed in you and me.

No we’re not just blessed with the breath of life.
Every body is born with a gift to bring.
Some with the vision of prosperous leadership.
Some with the arts of sports, dance, and sing.

Try a little something
there is something here to love,
doesn’t hurt to reach out and try,
until you find your true purpose in life,
Multi talented people everyday pass you by.

Open  your heart and mind,
It’s starving and wants to know,
don’t just imagine you know something,
take a leaping chance at your dream, let yourself go,
to journey like an eagle, kind of spread your wings.

Author: Cosima

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