Time holds so many different things for us,
like a zillion purposes to one word.
But do we actually honor its respect,
as the land, as the animals, as the birds?
Have we failed in our analogy to prepare,
how particular elements link to change?
Do we cheat ourselves with such negligence
ignoring the time needed to rearrange?
How much time is taken for granted to rebuild?
Are changes we have to make forced against our will?
Are plans for the world made decades ahead,
or will earth control, with a surprising change instead?
Have we used time with the intelligence it takes,
to prevent our ignorance from making bad mistakes?
If God controls time, we should respect God for that.
We should thank God for conditions left not so bad.
The world is still beautiful in many, many places.
What’s sad is the sorrow though, in many, many faces.
Do the suffering hope that time will soon end,
while hard workers hope a better life will soon begin?
Are we just going in principle circles until time is done,
same system, same struggles, only different for some?
It’s been said, of a bed of roses selected are very few,
many work much harder than some chosen ones do.
Some honor time by passing their prospers down,
to lift someone higher in hope success will be found.
Some believe everyone should start their own beginning,
not considering the hard struggle can be never ending.
But time, deep inside, many believe one day will end,
this way of life, this system, will never be lived again.

Author: Cosima

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