Think About It

Can mental be too automatic? I think it can.
Check out these examples to try to understand.
Ever been so routine to act without thinking?
Like taking a medication right on time,
without really focusing it through your mind.
Then later you’re trying hard to remember when,
afraid of over doing it, by doing it again.
Moving too fast trying to prepare your dinner,
and you add salt again because you didn’t remember.
Misplacing your keys lately, to search is already planned.
You’re looking around for them while they’re in your hand.
Walk into a room with the purpose of doing something.
Upon entering not remembering and coming out with nothing.
Plan a, plan b, you’re such a perfect sorter.
Plan c, popped out of nowhere and automatically disordered.
Too much, or too little, but it’s never too late,
to accept that memory’s mental can make simple mistakes.
No you’re not crazy, you’re not at all loosing your mind.
Young and old, educated or not, these things happen sometimes.

Author: Cosima

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