The Weirdest Dream

I was sitting on the ground in the jungle between many trees trying to open up this coconut. It was very quiet when suddenly I had an uneasy feeling come across me, and I quickly looked up to see I was being watched, but by several gorillas, some sitting afar off, some in trees on branches, some standing aside trees….so many. Their presence didn’t frighten me, but once I glanced into the look in their eyes I felt a sudden need to flee, to get as far away as I can. So I leaped on a tree and jumped to a branch where there appeared to be an open getaway, and I was jumping from tree to tree, as I could hear the noise in the trees around me, they were following me. They were chasing higher in nearby trees, but distant, and many were behind me. I was so afraid. Knowing I had to get away, I went in the direction that was the clearest path but I came to a river. The water was moving so fast, and there were rocks, many rocks on the water. I thought I could escape on the rocks so I jumped trying to land on one, and they were too slippery, I ended up falling into the water. The water was pushing me down the river. The pain of hitting the rocks let me know I was in trouble, I couldn’t get a grip of anything as the water kept pushing me. I managed to get on my back, and that’s when I saw they were on land, keeping up with me moving down the river with me. As I watched in pain hitting the rocks, I saw them slow down and then stop. Suddenly I felt myself falling with the water over a cliff. I hit a branch sticking out from the waterfall and managed to hold on to it as tight as I could. Though it hurt very bad, and the soreness made me want to let go, but as I looked around, I saw no land and no end to the waterfalls. I began screaming, screaming with fear and holding on to the only thing solid around me. I looked up from my tear-filled eyes and not knowing how I was seeing this gorilla, but it seemed to be standing on a cliff, a rock poking out from the hill. It was not like the other gorillas. It was a different kind. Then I saw it coming at me on a vine, a very long vine. It tried to grab me and missed. As it swung back and tried again, it managed to grab my feet. The vine swung all the way back to land. I couldn’t believe I was ok. I was tired. I was sore. I was not afraid of this one. Somehow I fell asleep and when I awoke, all those gorillas were surrounding me again. I looked for the one that rescued me only to find they had beaten it to death. Before I could start screaming again, I woke up from that dream. I was thinking wow! Was I a gorilla or what?

Please don’t ask me what I ate before I went to sleep.

Author: Cosima

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