The Visit – True Story

My eyes were like glasses of pearls over a flashlight.
My skin was refreshed like a new born babe.
Felt as if I was walking on a cloud of cotton,
coming out of an experience I had that day.
I had awaken to a presence behind me,
when I noticed I was not lying down.
In the corner of the ceiling is where I was,
my body was in bed sleeping, then I turned around.
There was not much to see from my eyes,
yet I knew I was not still in my room.
I seemed to be floating in some kind of sky,
with a scenery that was all very new.
Fiery light in the dark, some of it in my heart,
all the love anyone knew could ever be,
cleansed my heart, and cleansed my mind,
I’ve never known I could feel so free.
This visit could only be made with God,
that night God came and got me.
I tasted a piece of heaven that night,
I tasted the strength of purity.
This is how I know heaven is real,
no matter who will or won’t believe.

Author: Cosima

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