The Very Best Of Friends

Not many people have a flawless friend.  It’s true that two people can make it through trials and tribulations, falling out and rising back together again.  That is what I call a friendship of trial and error, too strong to give in to sever, basically because of the endless track-record.   When you’ve come too far in life with someone, knowing the limits, sacrifices, and transitions, along with the scars of life shared between you, that’s hard to give up.  Hard to make new friends with those values.  However, there are people who have friends that have never disappointed them, didn’t judge them by their wrongs, didn’t smother them when they needed enough rope to distance themselves to deal with their own personal issues, or even assume anything negative about it, always there when they needed a friend, listened well, didn’t fill them with lies, never needing excuses, just being a good friend.  They exist, if you have one, treasure them.  At some point in life while you can, let them know, they may need to hear that, for reasons you may never know or understand why, just let them know they’ve been the very best of friends.

Author: Cosima

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