The Right Question

During childhood I developed an important question
that no one made sense that answered.
For years curiosity surfaced repeatedly,
I was unaware of the response I was after.
About the age of twenty I could see
I hadn’t been asking the right question in need.
I kept struggling with ways to understand
what only the right question would have succeeded.
How God can see all the people, all the time
and know before hand what we will do.
Even though we have the power of choice,
is destiny pre-ordained for all of us too?
God is spirit, everyone I asked said,
but only imagination kept filling my head.
The day finally came when I connected the dots,
experiences from childhood started mounting up,
After God sent to me someone who truly heard me,
and understood the need to resolve what disturbed me.
What is spirit? That’s was the right question
that all these years I didn’t think to ask,
until I was with the one I believe God sent to me
with the answer for me at last.

Finally, I got the answer that satisfied my mind.
Then, I saw the foundation had been building all the time.
It’s that knowledge and understanding is spirit,
though it’s present, we don’t physically see it.
Yet the proof it exist is well defined
through all the performances of man kind.
Knowledge is eternal and magnified,
through the Word of God ruling all elements
in the entire creation beyond the sky
God’s bosom is hearts point of origin
for the love and all caring for the living,
Justice and peace, power and strength,
from the body of God, is why life is a gift.
Of course there is more length to God’s spirit,
like intelligence and wisdom beyond ever  known.
More depth and dimension to the spirit realm
far beyond the capacities we have grown.
The foundation was a powerful beginning for me,
God placed the dots throughout my life.
But to have launched the growth I have received
the question had to be right.

Author: Cosima

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