The Rain Is Crying For Me

Thought I had someone so dear to my heart
I never thought we would fall apart
Then I hear some news from his cousin
In two days was my loves wedding
If only I had smothered you
from the freedom to do whatever you do
I wouldn’t feel so much like a fool
On your wedding day I sat by the window
Thoughts scattered through my brain
about all the things I didn’t know,
that hurt so bad, so much pain,
the anger only dried up my eyes.
I didn’t know why, but I couldn’t cry.
Then I looked up into the sky,

lifting my legs to hug my knees,
I saw the rain drops hit my window.
The rain was about to cry for me
I didn’t have enough tears to cry
so the rain is crying for me
You didn’t tell me, I can’t see why
so the rain is crying for me
we were together just the other night
so the rain is coming to cry for me
For two years we were happy together
doing things we love to do
There was no clue you had another
you accepted all my love for you
without a sign you’d break my heart
on your wedding day I’m falling apart
While looking at the sky, with no tears to cry
the rain has come to cry for me
God must have seen inside my heart
and gave me exactly what I need

Author: Cosima

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