The Man Is My Friend

We both know that we’d never fit as lovers.
We’ve remained respectful and loyal to each other.
Some time ago we started out as friends,
and never thought for one moment that it would end.

Now we know each other much too well,
learned things about each other we need not tell,
laughed at a few embarrassing mistakes we’ve done,
although personal, we simply took it in a funny.

Getting to know each other, to never forget,
a kind of relationship at least I, haven’t yet met.
I know in my heart it will always have its place,
your eyes will always see that smile on my face.

Thank you man, for being my friend.
Not many can have it like this until the end.
A man and woman this special inside their hearts,
is a magic in humanities most favorable art.
Thank you again for being my friend.

Author: Cosima

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