The Fate Of Being Wrong

Seems serious, but I’m sure I’m not the only
one to admit it hurts to be wrong about something,
when I thought I had it right. Almost like
the pain of the healing of a broken bone, yet we
have to appreciate the process of its sign of
healing. Admitting to being wrong may take a little
time. Sometimes we remain a little sustained in thought,
mostly about how we got confused, before correcting
ourselves, depending on the severity of the situation.
The hardest part of all is our inability to stop beating
ourselves up about it. Soon feeling a little mortified,
trying to get on the same page, it may be easier to
apologize to those that need to hear it.  But
we shouldn’t be so negative about a lesson well
learned that will only make us stronger in our
will to be better with knowledge and understanding,
it’s just hinting; another process of growth.

Author: Cosima

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