The Day At The Mall

Walking through the mall with no particular thing to think about
it’s simply a beautiful day, I needed to get outside anyway
Peeking here and there, I cross a place of good smells
I remembered I needed to buy a gift or two,
finally I thought of something I had  to do
While checking out the silver, I heard a voice so familiar
heated feelings went up and down my spine
The face I turned and saw, was a man that used to be mine
I had that look in my face, that would really give me away
I had to turn around and do it without making a sound
that feeling never faded away so this I’m not ready to see
to be introduced to the woman with the man I wanted for me
I remember the moments I had with him like it happened yesterday
I can’t be sure the sound wouldn’t be in what I might say
while walking away I can’t stop smiling having those memories
nothing new has happened more exciting than he was to me
I caught myself blushing, couldn’t take the smile off my face
I turned around and he was standing there close to my face
alone and by himself he said, hello, how have you been?
I said, fine, he said, can we find a place to sit and talk then?
He said, I’ve been following you for a while trying to
think of what to say, didn’t know if you’d speak to me again.
But the tickles in my tummy and glitter in my eyes should
have spoken for me, and I’m sure he understands

Author: Cosima

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