That Powerful Kiss

Serious, you’re always so serious,
and that puncture between your choice of words,
sometimes leaving me delirious and confused
about the purpose they serve,
then you turn around and hold me to console me.
I can’t help being confused with this,
especially when you give me that powerful kiss.
How could I miss a love, that now I’m thinking of,
knowing how only you can do this,
there’s something inside that powerful kiss.

Always ready to light the fire in me
without any desire that I’m able to see.
While your words can hurt so much,
I can’t resist that potent touch.
So surprised I have to blink my eyes.
Is it the dominant attraction of your presence
that put so much power in your kiss?
What kind of love is this all made of
knowing only you can ever do this,
spontaneously, give me that powerful kiss.

Author: Cosima

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