When I thought I didn’t care,
hidden in my heart somewhere,
a natural sense of reality,
that being careless just was not me.
For just knowing I am thankful,
to a God my eyes can’t see.
What’s in my heart keeps my thoughts
reminded that he’s always with me.

When I thought hope was lost,
not forgetting what the lack of it cost,
it was like holding on to nothing,
then being shocked at what it brought.
I know I am thankful,
for a God my eyes can’t see.
The signs God has placed in my life,
his proof of presence in my memories.

When trust seemed hard to find,
even in those I loved at times,
made it so hard to embrace peace,
imagining what I didn’t need to be,
but knowing I am thankful
for a God my eyes can not see
and that this King of all Fathers
made eternal life his responsibility.

I thank God with words.
I thank God with feelings.
I thank him for the appetite for Gospel
in which so many aren’t willing,
to comprehend the need for,
to open that invisible door,
for this I am so thankful for.
With a heart full of love, thank you.

Author: Cosima

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