Blessed be to all that share their hearts with children
Bless the teachers that are with them all day
Also bless the babysitters that find a way
to care for another families child
both are giving attention for a long while
men and women are all parents deep inside
that common thread simply can’t hide
teachers deserve the utmost respect
for all the learning every child gets
our children are corrected in the best way
from issues parents don’t see all day
Why are the values of teachers so low
as if children had anywhere else to go
and be educated, to prepare for life’s
adventures and challenges to greater heights
Teachers with their methods of developments
have needs that should never be unattended
for just like our children they are special
this is something the whole world should know
that teachers, we need to depend on so
and since our children are left in their hands
we should consider being open to their demands

Author: Cosima

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