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A Memory Flash – True Story

When I was born my grandmother came to see the second grandchild born into her family offspring, at the hospital….

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Miracles Happen & Prayer Works – True Story

My son was five years old when he got hit in the eye with a rock.  Another young boy about…

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My great nephew first visited me when he was only two months old.  He’s the grandson of my sister who…

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The Visit – True Story

My eyes were like glasses of pearls over a flashlight. My skin was refreshed like a new born babe. Felt…

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Miracles Are Blessings From God-True Story

I was young, and had just graduated from high school.  One of my good friends had gotten a new car for…

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Sing Much? True Story

I was in love with beautiful voices that sing when I came into the world.  I sung my first song…

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Between God and Me – A True Story

I was about the age of seven.  Mom needed to find a church she could take us to on foot, that…