I’m at the beach to watch the sunrise in the company of memories.
I walk with sensations that only the past can offer me.
Like it did in its time, the best things are stored in my mind.
It may be selfish, but sometimes it really makes me smile.
My heart warms up at that moment, and I’m excited for a while.
Then I turned to look up at the sky,
there’s the sun, and it’s about to rise.

I felt a presence close to my side, so I turned around to say hi.
As we both sat down on the sand, there’s a prominence of grace,
and the warmth began to come from the sun as it lit up my face,
and the face I’m seeing again with the eyes that always seem to glow.
Our paths have crossed many times coming out this early before.
Now we are sharing it together, the paradise in the sky,
sitting quietly waiting for the sun to rise

While sitting in the quiet AM, close to the early morning dew,
I was hoping he’d ask me, “do you go out for coffee too?”
When he offered me breakfast, I felt he must have read my mind.
It wasn’t just me noticing him, he noticed me all the time.
It happened on the beach that day,
waiting for a beautiful sunrise.

Author: Cosima

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