Stuck Doors

Often times relationships, be it lovers, friends, groups of people, like cliques operating in some artistic field of dreams, dance, music, or even constructing many different kinds of business, when there are stuck doors it seems like you’re pulling, jerking, or pushing, trying to be patient to enter. If it’s too much of a problem you might feel like giving up, but you really intend to enter. Either your emotions are involved, money, trust, some kind of agreement, or you’re reacting to expectations. I’d love to say just try another building, but who knows what sacrifices have already been made to connect you, though the complications of making it through the doors, and I do mean all of the doors, may try and drain you of some ingenuity and lack your determination. It may even cause speculation to wobble the foundation upon which you began standing.

Doors seem somewhat like episodes. We walk through easily door number one, we imagine everything is going to go smooth, or not doubting to be off on a good start, worth pursuing. Door number two seem a bit heavier, needs a little muscle brain at work, there are unexpected complications to examine. Door number three, stiff, a decision of chance. Worth the challenge? Your respond is either maybe, or definitely yes, so try door number four. Almost completely stuck! Odds are against you, you must fight for this, too attached and too far into it, can’t give up now. It’s possible everything will come out in your favor. What hurt will it cause if it doesn’t? Taking it slow now, and it feels like pulling or pushing a heavy load. Door number five, too much to go through, though giving up is hard to do, has already cost you too much effort, even if the better choice seems for you is to break loose. It is true some challenges appear to be a threat, but….. Time may help determine what it’s worth. Hope time carries inspiration with it.

Compare it to a card game you may be good at playing. You get dealt a bad hand. Is it how you play that hand, or how the games rolls into play that makes you the winner. Stuck doors are as different in every building as the hand dealt to you in every card game. No matter what it is you’re trying to build. I believe first and foremost it is wisdom of certainty, be sure of yourself, that is a profitable jump start Also having a strong foundation of positive principles, which can usually stage good limits and boundaries, adding the smarts to know when to avoid stuck doors.

Author: Cosima

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