“Strange” The Different Scales of Balance

With a life scale of twelve terrors on one side, a dozen miracles on the other,
just one terror may have destroyed my life, but the miracles came with more power.
I’ve heard some say, if they could change their life, who they’d rather come back as.
After a deep and thorough analogy of my own, I wouldn’t give mine up so fast.
I’d like to ask God why he allowed us to be attacked during our innocence,
while ignorant of our soul as most kids are, and the consequence of disobedience.
For everything that could go possibly wrong, a child continues to grow forward.
Challenges against evil seem to carry on, it’s harder to restrain from becoming froward.
A miracle sheds a different light, you never forget it, it becomes your better sight.
When in time of need it may surface to become your inspiration to do what is right.
It is hard to perfectly balance ones life scale, throttling, wavering sides like a bell.
It’s hard to prove we’re not alone, some for us and against us, both sides of the scale.
Diminishing the terrors that feed on madness, and promote instead results of gladness
It’s hard for darkness to defeat the light, the pleasure of triumph is also Gods delight.
For the many with just one terror to balance from, unlike mine that seems to be twelve,
I pray that no matter how many miracles it takes, that terror don’t make life like hell.

Author: Cosima

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