Stories Of The Past

Everybody’s got a story to tell. The older you get the more you have to share. It hints the saying; respect your
Elder’s. I’ve learned over a period of time that though experiences may appear to be different, life’s principles remain the same. You don’t have to live in the past to enjoy it. So before you want to be so quick to call someone old fashioned, or consider their company boring, because they’re not all balled up into the latest that you believe is the greatest “what’s happening”. You may believe times are so different from way back when, consider this principle fact; you know music can sound so old to the young. From the technology of acoustics to the choice of melodies, but when you listen well to the lyrics, things don’t seem so old, and different do they? Might be said in a different way, but the principle is the same, as a matter of fact, some old sayings you might want to hold on to, simply because they fit better into the situation. Truth is people still fall in love, we should never allow that to freeze cold. People still get there hearts broken, at least we’re reminded we still have a heart. People still sing about God, thank God. They still got the blues, and it will forever sound good to many. Young people love Jazz as much as some of the older people, and some young people need to hear that really good, good old jazz to know where it came from. Classics and Opera, and don’t forget the funny stuff, will always be somebody’s favorites. Learn, you can enjoy old and new.

So back to the stories they tell. Open up your curiosity and give some attention to your Grand’s, Aunt’s, Uncle’s, community Elder’s and neighbor’s about the stories they tell, you’d really be surprised not much about life really is different, except style, and state of art equipment. However, one of my favorite topics is, you should go back and take a good look at the classy gangster style way people dressed, the suits, with vest, ties, and hats on men, the fancy dresses and shoes on women, I even thought the roaring twenties was pretty classy. The dancing, wow! I still like to watch Fred Estaire tap dance and any other tap dancers for that matter, that was a real work of art. Today’s dancing of entertainment though have not ceased, it’s still magnificent in so many different ways. If people could only have the energy that was back in the day at most house parties and clubs though, we’d all be in better shape. The energy people had back then make some of those parties today look stiff as wallpaper. What ever happened to good dancing? Chicago, Bop City? Oh yeh!, we didn’t call it steppin back in my day, we bopped (gangster bop, cha cha bop, etc.), our first line dance was called bus stop. Families are more divided today at parties, kids learned how to bop watching the older dancers in the family, in the past. Families aren’t sharing like that anymore, they’ve got too many issues they actually believe they can separate from children. More abundant drinking at the parties, smoking, drugs, cursing, not the kind of environment for kids, even though they do go to bed early while the adults keep partying. I do believe though, some families may still have it right, it’s not like all the parties have to be the same, I just remember it wasn’t so far fetched.

Let the Elder’s tell their stories. Aged wisdom is sometimes the best experience to learn from. These, so true stories are as interesting as they are hard to believe, but take out the time and listen, they are good stories, and may even hold much value in passing on to your children.

Author: Cosima

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