Stop Hurting Each Other

We all have what it takes to make this a better world.
We can send our lust for life to every element unaware.
Ever since the fulfillment of promise we’re not under law anymore,
because of Jesus sacrifice we are under grace, but before,
there were the ten commandments that were given to Israel.
It  could not make them perfect though they had the real
causes and affects and how to try and manage them,
to block every possible entrance where evil can creep in.
Trying to be in the light of life so darkness don’t get to win.
Learning by the letter, principals, for ways to get along.
For love of family and friendship, and never struggling alone.
Acknowledging not being always accurate understanding what is seen,
and how easy it is to be wrong in judging others in their deeds.
Learning the different ways to control our many weaknesses,
and how desire to put God first is important to such treatment.
Look at the world, the whole world for many reasons are not at peace,
from fear of the many captive in darkness, less peace is in our sleep.
Seeing the broken hearted, vengeance, burglary and physical abuse,
is evident evil takes pleasure in the reasons we can be used.
Though we’re forgiven and not under ten-commandments laws now,
we shouldn’t ignore God is needed and grace will help somehow.
We have all acknowledged no one’s perfect, not even by the those laws.
The genes of the sin run through our veins we’ll experience some flaws.
How clever evil think it must be, able to put so many under subjection,
forgetting we have the power to choose Jesus, leaving evil in rejection.
Again I must impel the need for us to try and stop hurting each other.
For survival until this ends, it would be profitable to help one another.
Thank God for life everyday, enjoy God’s creation for life we have now.
The Holy Spirit is in our reach, in this age of grace, make time, learn how?

Author: Cosima

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