Stay In Love

On this day that will soon pass
the glitter of love was meant to last
to hold in deep into its depth
a higher portion to oneself
It’s really not a new beginning,
simply a promise to a never ending
a chance to explore a hearts beyond
where spirit of self carries on
tolerance you normally wouldn’t take
new limits you are bound to make
hold fast and precious its simplicity
remember how warm two hearts can be
being aware we change, as people do
adjustments must be made for two
Individuality is the first respect
it grows old like you’re not done yet
never loose your attraction of love
snuggle close, give hugs just because
no one is perfect, we can screw up
forgive, get past it, can be enough
plentiful a world for two hearts and minds
to ride it out together in their time


Author: Cosima

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