Stage Fright?

This can be a natural thing.  As one thin thread of fear, bugging, like an annoying fly trying to work against your courage when it’s your turn to perform.  Though people don’t share this much I believe they should, it’s a common thread.  Few are tough enough to get past it like it’s not there, unrealized.  Ever sign up to do a performance and just as they call your name, you have to go to the bathroom for a sprinkle.  It’s really psychological, because right at that time you can’t, you won’t, and once the performance starts you really don’t have to.  I believe different people may have different weaknesses;  a sudden dry throat that makes your voice seem like it’s going to be a little scratchy, or sweaty hands to try and feel comfortable holding a microphone, and maybe even some kind of nerve problem like a twitching eyelid.  Doesn’t matter who you are or for whatever reason you need to face an audience, because that streak of nervousness can hit even the most famous at times.  From Politicians, Actors, Singers, Dancers, Olympic Participants, to Preachers, Teachers, Lecturers, Promotional Meetings, and I’ve heard a few admit this, any presentation that causes you to have to face people is like a bridge to cross, for that moment it’s your turn, but once you get there, in front of he audience, it’s on.  It was a sudden and very temporary beginning and ending of stage fright.

If more people were aware of how natural it is to be stage frightened for a second, maybe they’d be more willing to break that barrier that holds their talent back.  Knowing that “it’s not just me” may allow a person to feel as if it’s more a process that sometimes happen, and to no respect of persons.  Once you cross that barrier, you’re more than likely doing what it is you love to do, whatever it is you’re good at.  Chin up everybody, you’re not alone.

Author: Cosima

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