Spoon Fed?

It’s good to listen, we gain to learn, but no one should just sit and collect.  It’s too much like being spoon fed.  Feeding the mind is no simple thing.  What we feed on should not be just what falls in our laps.  What’s easy to see.  We must use the power of discernment and investigate. We must study and research.  There is nothing like the knowledgeable increase that happens in you when you do your own research, and study on your own.  So many more questions may accumulate.  So many new curious avenues to explore.  I don’t think it’s the mind that gets tired, maybe our eyes do, and our bodies maneuvering to gather up information.  But the mind, does it ever rest?  When enough information lines up though, you see more, comprehend more, and with greater depth of vision.  The mind loves it.  Don’t be left scattered though.  Solidify something with certainty.  There are more facts available than one knows.  Sometimes we just have to look with a little more enthusiasm.  I guess it all depends on how bad you really want to know.

I’ll share something that disturbs me about UFO;  if it’s true that they claim to be our creators, or our Gods, with all the abductees bad and horrifying experiences told, why would you have to examine what you, yourself created?  A God shouldn’t make mistakes.

Author: Cosima

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