Spirit Attributes

I believe, in the invisible realm dwells what attributes contribute to the negative and positive state of ones own emotions and thoughts, or rather hearts and minds.  Though we can’t see spirit we are guilty of defining it’s presence by actions.  There is also a presence about most of them which can be felt.

Example:  attraction can be felt, you can also feel the hurt you put on someone else.  You feel it worse after you regret you did it.  Though you may be aware of what you’ve just done, your own response to it may just have been to satisfy the state of your own heart and mind, and possibly to give back the hurt they put on you, so maybe your hurt on them was out of vengeance.  Anyway, to choose between the negatives and positives for most of us, we are already warned or aware by some little signals of the possible outcomes.  We take the chance anyway aware we may not escape such repercussions. Evading any wisdom before our actions, even having been warned by parents, friends, or just observing what happened when others experienced such negative things, it’s as if we aren’t ready to learn to avoid learning the hard way, and for some, over and over again.

Let me name some positives:  intelligence, knowledge, wisdom, love, justice, forgiveness, understanding, patience, caution, calm, strength, and much more, growing a strong foundation in them is more like maturing.

Here are some negatives:  ignorance, lackadaisical of learning, misunderstandings, impulsively impatient, misconceptions, hate and sharing of hate, jealousy, gossip and back-stabbing, vengeful, bad and spontaneous attitude, constant negative thinking, quick to take the opposition to any topic, and much more.  All are them can be hurtful and bad company in which we must try and nurture ourselves away from (within).

If you’re mature enough to read this you should know something about the following:  We can study the Holy Bible, get with one of God’s Ministers and gain some knowledge and understanding of God’s purpose and plan, establish faith, acknowledge in the ultimate sacrifice by Jesus (Yahshua) for all mankind’s forgiveness of sins, and then the Holy Spirit leads us through the age of grace.  The Holy Bible is the Schoolmaster for the Soul and it’s relationship with God.



Author: Cosima

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