Some Love

Your touch feels like hands out of heaven.
You eyes see in my eyes so very deep.
Love is like a warm breeze moving through me,
lying in a field of flowers smelling sweet.

This is how you love me.
This is how you touch me with your heart.
I can taste so much of your presence,
in a kiss’s tender touch.

You just being here is a feeling of completion.
When you disappear, it’s like where you once were.
Still I feel it all deserves special attention,
to have your loving return forever more.

This is how I love you.
This is how I feel when we’re apart.
Seems I’m always preparing for your return,
to receive you when the daylight goes dark.

This is what’s in my heart about you.
It’s safely tucked away beneath my eyes,
but when I see you, I can feel it coming through,
and you, you never seem to be surprised.
It’s almost as if you expect this of me,
to be certain, together we are finalized.
It is like giving a sense of loving free,
with loving  feelings, every day the sun will rise.

Author: Cosima

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