There’s a slippery slope into darkness
while the farther down you go.
The chance you had to exit out grew
thinner down the slope.
Then as if gravity held you down
there was no way up.
The chance you had to change your mind
was when they called your bluff.
The struggle with madness, vengeance and
greed, is more powerful than we know.
The tempters are there to pull you in
more deeper as you go.
I’d like to suggest you give up such
things as attributes of the dark.
I’m aware of pleasures of wicked ways
without God truly in our hearts.
Needing to be wealthy and in control
no matter the chance you take.
No matter the hurt done to many who
may suffer from your mistakes.
Mistakes they are, though you won’t
see until the light comes on.
By then you’re in too deep and stuck and
the damage is already done.
When is it time for you to confess you
really do need God’s help,
and that it is time to stop the damaging,
and stop punishing yourself?
Cleverness of evil, stronger than mankind
is the adversary of a God.
So for heaven sake choose righteously and
magnify God in your hearts.
A Holy Spirit is presently waiting on you.

Author: Cosima

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