Protection can be a very teasing reason to have a gun.  Shooter, how many times do you take your gun out of its safety zone to feel it in your hand, do you imagine a scene, and feel the need to pull the trigger.  Bet your favorite movies and games are the ones guns play a major role in.  Imagination is a powerful thing, but it is subject to do good or evil.  Play on that playground too often, too long and you will feel it trying to come to life.  Hopefully it will be to do good, a beautiful thing, a warm hearted joyful thing, a prospering jester, or triumph of talent, a positive performance toward any field for success.  There is a huge responsibility with owning a gun.  Personally, if it was up to me, I’d have three parts of a test before anyone would be qualified to own a gun:  The first part would be psychological.  The next part would be law.  The last part would be training on how to clean, use, and handle  all there is to know about your weapon.

There are those who have access to such weapons that are very young.  Unfortunately, this is a massive major problem, for they are easily negatively influenced.  You beautiful young and rich with life people, are too young to have lived long enough to learn and experience the marvelous values of growth, maturity, and endurance to gain wisdom in your own lives, and become familiar with time to change for the better, let alone those your guns take away the chance to live it.  The stage of mischief is your age bracket, we all go through it, and this time use to be a chance to make mistakes that you can grow up learning from, a chance to grow out of such immature ways, and even be forgiven.  Not anymore.  Death and incarceration comes too quickly in these times.  Yet you are still impulsive with anger, swift in bad attitudes over petty things, and very slippery with reactions and decisions that can entirely change the course of lives involved.

It has become evident to me these are untamed evils, loose in the wild, in the streets of choice and chance that challenge the capabilities of lifting above such negative visions of lifestyle.  The real war is inside you, and like any war, there will be many battles, but this war, can not be beaten by the gun.

Author: Cosima

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