No! shadow, don’t hide from me the side
I struggled to clearly see,
that by reason I’m being what I am
seemingly meant to be.
With my eyes open, you’re tempted to
hide me in the shade,
from what only light allows to surface
day after day.
I don’t want to hide from myself, not
even in your presence.
You suppress my depression as if it
is your place, your very essence.
While my heart is still wide open,
it for me, will never fail.
It can’t lie about its conditions, I’ve
always known it too well.
So shadow don’t try and black out the
hurtful thoughts of my mind,
because your resistance ends quickly
from what will be exposed in time.
Mature and ready I am to face what’s
wrong, so move out of my way.
You will end up behind me shadow, by
the end of the day.

Author: Cosima

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