Sent For All Of Us

We all want to feel peace and joy,
in such humane needs of respect.
Don’t want to be divided in ways
that determine portions that we get.
Everyone has a place of a beautiful mind,
that is hard to be in touch with sometimes.
The pressures that come with survival,
are made difficult, and only by mankind.
Was it all designed for this kind of challenge?
The fight against crime is becoming so intense.
So many mistakes are causing us to fight.
So many young being cut short of their life.
Will we ever be able to see our true grief,
are all in perfections we don’t always meet?
No one is perfect, and we can’t seem to accept that.
That’s what causes hurt to come to you and me.
That’s why we should give it all up to Jesus,
That is the protection all of us truly need.
God sent him for us, prepared from earths beginning.
Left signs and predictions through centuries of time.
so everyone could trace his steps to unveil in our hearts and minds,
gain faith to carry us throughout these hard times, strengthening
our belief, that God sent him for all of us.

Author: Cosima

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