School “The Foundation of Learning Abilities”

So how many students just want to pass and hurry up and get out of school? Just get it over with huh? It’s that simple? Well let’s take this whole school thing to the basics. If you just want to pass, you may just be a C average student. Something that don’t put you on top of the scale but don’t have you worrying about failing either. Imagine this though, if that’s all you want to do is C your way out of school, how you see on the job, understand challenges in life and obtain your lifestyle will probably only be a C average, unless you decide to further educate your mind. What’s wrong with an A? Too much work and no play? I know for some students school is no fun and being a kid some of it should be. Some teachers are not psychologically equipped to present major studies entertainingly (in other words, they don’t know how to fool you into learning). That in itself is a particular love for the art with the subject, a sort of hidden strategy. However sometimes the student and the teacher develop a unison that compels both to do their best anyway, I’d go for that if I had no other choice, because the beginning of learning from elementary and through high school, is where the strength in the foundation should always remain solid. You don’t have to be a professional student, but it will pay off well to be a professional learner. This is the golden brick road to fulfilling your dreams. Don’t let anything take you away from your dreams for your life. Keep moving forward, remembering there is no lesson to learn that is empty of working for it. You’ll do fine. Do not waste any time. What’s outside will be there when you’re all done, and you’ll still be very young. The effort you put into educating your mind will be the production of your reward in what you get out of life.  So prepare yourself for college.


Author: Cosima

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